Letter from Ed

Houston just celebrated culture and history of Hip Hop and this city with Bun B’s Texas Takeover of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  In one night, Bun was able to display the four decades worth of music this city has contributed to the rest of the world, inviting artists from the old and new school to display their talents on heritage night. It’s a history and culture that is often overlooked but when you see it on full display, with hit after hit, you begin to understand how important this city is to the rest of the nation and world.  Bun B, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Paul Wall, Willie D, Devin the Dude, Lil Flip, E.S.G, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, Tobe Niwigwe, That Girl Lay Lay, Letoya Luckett, Baby Bash, Frankie J, and more.  The lineup not only shows how important the history is to Bun, but also the addition of newer artists shows his dedication to the furture.  That tapping into the new and the old in order to showcase the city is not only important to Bun B but to us at Gas God’s as well. 


It's not coincidence that we work with brand ambassadors like Slim Thug.  Or that you can catch him, Lil Keke, Le$, and DJ Mr. Rogers at our All Gas No Smoke Car Meet.  That we have artists like Devin the Dude that performed at our first annual Texas Smoke Break last year shows that we want to be tied into the culture of this city.  Whether you’re attending one of our concerts, listening to our name being shouted out on an album, interacting with one of our ambassadors (who do everything from plant curation, to DJing, to rapping, to modeling, to singing, to photography, to publicizing, and so much more), we want to expose people to the city of Houston in the same way we want to expose people to the cannabis culture. 


The cannabis culture has a lot in common with the city of Houston.  There are a lot of feelings and misconceptions about both.  There are a lot of biases towards the two.  At Gas God’s we want to open the publics eyes and remove a lot of limitations.  I was told we couldn’t do a concert like the first Texas Smoke Break here in the city and here we are a year later gearing up for the second one.  There were plenty or reports coming out after the announcement of Bun B’s Takeover that it wasn’t going to be a big draw and it wasn’t embodying the rodeo.  One legendary concert in front of a sold-out stadium said different. Anyone can say what they want but at the end of the day the people decide.  You can have your feelings about the cannabis culture, but this world is represented by people from all walks of life.  Doctors, Lawyers, writers, photographers, cashiers, entrepreneurs, workers, women, men, black, white, Hispanic…there’s too many to name but the culture is represented by a vast and diverse group of people.  As long as Gas Gods has your support, we’re going to continue to showcase that diversity, in the cannabis culture as well as Houston and Texas.  


So make sure to pick up tickets to the second annual Texas Smoke Break headlined by 2 Chainz and featuring DJ Drama, Dom Kennedy, OTB Fastlane, Monaleo, DJ Chose, Le$, OG Ron C, The Chopstars, Soul Control, and a few surprises. This is just our way of showing support to a city that has always supported us.   


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