Letter from Ed


Ownership is what is important. As I watch people argue over the Jay-Z’s, Jerry Jones, Kanye West, Adidas and Deon Sanders of the world all I think about is ownership.  This is not going to be about what’s right or what’s wrong, but rather, what happens.  Right doesn’t always happen and wrong doesn’t always happen but the main factor in what does happen is who is in charge.  Who owns.  Why did they make this decision? They own the company.  Why wasn’t he fired? He owns the company.  Why did they discipline him and give the other person a slap on the wrist.  One owns and one doesn’t.  We can talk until we are blue in the face about whether the decision is right or wrong but do you want to be the one talking about the decision or the one making the decision?

I see a lot of conversation about Deon Sanders and whether his decision is right or wrong.  For me it’s just his decision.  No need for me to really worry about it.  But a prevailing thought is that sacrifices need to be made to further a movement…but only by one person.  I agree with sacrifices.  I don’t believe it should be shouldered by one man or woman.  Sacrifices help when they are made by the group.  One person can’t be held responsible for to change what a system has created but the group can.  What’s easier, Sanders giving up on a payday or more people that want SWAC to succeed diverting their time, money, and attention toward it?

Ownership comes with control.  I preach ownership because I have worked for others and realized it wasn’t for me.  I entered this industry with that idea as well.  We can talk about the direction of the cannabis industry.  We can debate about the fairness of the laws as they change state by state.  We can speak about equity.  We can argue about education.  We can go back and forth on the science.  All of the discussions won’t matter unless we have ownership in the industry.  The discussions will happen and then those that own are going to do what they want to do. 

In order to move forward those that support the movement need to gain footholds in all aspects of the industry.  Everyone doesn’t have to be an owner, but you do need to choose what you want to see by showing support with your time and money.  My goal is to continue to offer ways for you to be more informed about the industry so that you too can figure out your pathway to ownership. 

Be on the lookout because things are coming.  I don’t just speak but I lead by example.  Gas Gods will be taking a greater step in increasing our ownership in this industry and we hope that you will follow our lead.


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“ One person can’t be held responsible to change what a system has created but the group can.” 🙏🏽🙏🏽



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