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By now many of you have seen the memes showing Houston getting a medical marijuana dispensary. I saw a few and some of the headlines make me wonder why people get their news from Instagram posts. Is Texas getting medical marijuana?  It already has.  Years ago. If you follow along with this newsletter as well as the many organizations that are writing about the change in marijuana laws this wouldn’t be new information to you.  And it's not that I’m upset about people learning about medical marijuana and marijuana in general, but it is important for you to read the sources and make sure that you are fully informed.  I have spoken with people about change in marijuana laws here in Texas and it is usually met with “Texas will never do that.” Or “Texas won’t even legalize medical marijuana.”  These are statements I heard wen medical marijuana was already legal here.  It’s one of the major reasons why I try to keep people informed about what is going on with cannabis culture.  Whether it is realm of legality, recreational, entertainment, fitness, fashion, food, and more the cannabis culture has a far reach that is not always clearly shown.  Its time we shed a lot of the misconceptions surrounding a plant and its unfair, overreaching prohibition and start showing the general public all this world has to offer.  We as a culture need to stop limiting ourselves and make sure we are at the forefront of defining what this culture is going to be because there are plenty of people out there that are willing to do it for you.  The same politicians that spoke out against marijuana their whole careers are now running investment groups focused on cannabis and cannabis related products.   The same media that put out untrue stories about the effects of cannabis are now making money telling feel good stories about grow operations. The same legal systems and governments that locked people up for possession of the plant are now issuing licenses for new operations.  If you’re informed, you at least have a fighting chance at building a space in this industry.  If you’re informed you won’t be grabbed by clickbait headlines letting you know about news that was already well known, but rather, you’ll be at the forefront ready to ask the right questions.  Simple questions like “Who can use?” and “How much can they?” lead to real issues like “what are the new legal ramifications for possessing weed?”, “Is Houston introducing equity programs to help those unfairly affected by old laws?”, and, if not “Who do I need to be voting for or putting pressure on to make sure that equity is a priority?”  At this point there are only three states that don’t have a program dealing with public cannabis access.  What I saw happen to the area I grew up in when marijuana was legalized is going to happen at the federal level.  It’s just a matter of when.  Even Thailand has begun its first steps in decriminalizing weed. Although…. not if you’re a tourist.  But if you would have quickly looked at a headline you might have thought the whole country had legal weed.  It’s important to stay informed.  Gas Gods is going to continue to do our best to keep you up to date with knowledge about the culture and continue to expand the brand to that you can partake and be informed.  Stay with us and we’ll keep you posted.


Joan Elmore

The question of whether it’s legal comes up a lot here but I see dispensaries everywhere. The only thing I can say is it has changed my life when it came to pain management. Sometimes “unconventional” methods work when traditional medicine doesn’t.

Johnetta Jones

Thanks for sharing

Wayne Stewart

Preciate it!! I’m down with…




Thank You.

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