Who is Connie Leon?

Who is Connie Leon?

by DeVaughn Douglas


This month we speak with Connie Leon, an entrepreneur, mentor, mindset coach. She is also the founder of the Houston Latina Bloggers, Creativity Well and 50 First Dates. 

What initially brought you to Gas God’s?

I'm a local social media influencer/content creator and I work with a lot of different PR companies. One of the media companies that I was working with told me the owner of Gas Gods was coming into Houston and beginning this new brand.  I went to one of their events, and we just started from there, just kind of following each other. And, and so it's just kind of been an ongoing kind of growing relationship.

Now let's talk about what it is that you do working in the social sphere.  What is your official title?

 So, I'm a content and small business developer. I’ve been doing it full time since December, but I've been in social media and content creating for over 10 years.


You’ve been here and watched the scene in Houston. What is it like now as you're watching brands develop in the city?

Yeah, so for me, it's been interesting, because like I said, I started as a blogger and blogging and writing is just really different now. I am more of a microblogging blogger now on like social media versus on my actual blog. I think that brands have evolved and grown into eventually learning how to work with content creators. Things have changed in a big way. I think when we first started blogging and writing it wasn't as popular, but I don't think people really understood how the influence kind of worked between the brand and the content creator.   Now I think people fully understand it and it is interesting watching the evolving relationship between brands and influencers.

 What was it that stood out about the Gas Gods brand?

I grew up in like, north side. I consider myself kind of hood, but I have a brand that presents all sides of me.  I like Gas Gods because they bring a level of sophistication to an industry that is not always looked at like that.  What stood out is me seeing the elevation of the brand itself. Yes, it's weed and THC, but at the same time its more.  The more is what keeps attracting all types of people.  For me, I'm a college educated, professional that runs a lifestyle blog…and I smoke. I don't think people expect that whenever I post about it but I do.  Its part of my life.  It’s nice to see brands like Gas Gods presenting products that I’m interested in.

You’ve been doing this for some time, but do you get as many people surprised about you posting about weed now is like back in the day?

Yeah, I think for me its because of my brand.  I'm a mom, I'm a professional.  I usually post with my kids. My personal brand is very diverse. And I, and I'm very much known for like just being real and raw. So, now I don't think people are as surprised, but I think initially when I first started posting about it there was shock.  People were like “wait, you smoke…what?” They were surprised. But now I think they're used to it. It's not as a big a deal because it's just becoming the norm.  At this point, I'm sorry, but I associate more bad things with drinking than I ever do with smoking. And I drink but still…

The times have definitely changed. Tell us about your brands.

So my personal brand is soyconnieleon and I also founded a group called the Houston Latina bloggers. And so those are my two biggest brands. And then because like I said, I started doing my content.  I have I created a brand called the creativity well, which is my company that I run as a consulting firm. I was doing it part time as a side gig and then, in December, I got let go for my job because of COVID. It forced me into doing it full time.

What was it like to finally step out and start to build your business up into what it is today?

 So, it's been something that's kind of scary. I've done it so long as a side gig alongside a full-time job which gave me stability for twenty years. To go from that stability which has paid my bills, supported my family and taken care of my kids has been really scarry, but it's been a really good experience.  I've learned so much in the last few months and really elevated myself as a brand and as a business.


Now, as a Gas Gods brand ambassador, what are some of your favorite products?

So because I'm a lazy person, I usually do the pre rolls. Anything that's already pre roll been done for me is what I usually get. They gave me like eliminate which I've never tried. I'm excited to do that. I've done the gummies before but my go to is going to be the pre rolls.

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