A Letter from Ed (August '21)

A Letter from Ed

Things in the industry are changing rapidly for many…but not for those that have been keeping up with the latest trends and news. I have said from the beginning that this is a growing industry and expansion along with legalization is inevitable.  Now we are seeing the beginnings of that expansion continue. As that expansion occurs Gas God’s plans to grow as well but that growth only occurs with the help of enthusiasts like you.  As laws change and relax and consumers move into the industry, we see more and more that people that are of the culture come from all walks of life.  We highlight such a person with our interview of Gas God’s brand ambassador Connie Leon. She’s a brand ambassador for Gas Gods and someone we think showcases some of the different people that take part of cannabis culture.  September 1st marks a change in the marijuana laws for Texas and you need to know what that change is and where things could be headed in the future. We highlight those changes in our legal article this month. We at Gas Gods believe in legalization but we also believe in making sure that those that have been harmed by unjust laws are not overlooked.  We also keep up with growth by highlighting a review from one of our staff members, Chris Chambers.  Let him guide you to products that maybe you didn’t know about and expand some of your taste. 

At the end of the day, I want you to look to Gas Gods as a guide into the culture. Whether you are just starting out or you have been with us for years, Gas Gods should be a place you can learn and participate in cannabis culture.



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Tisha Ray

I want to be a brand ambassador. 46yo house wife. I suffer from severe ptsd. Prescription meds make me a zombie. Cannabis allows me to feel human. I love what y’all do and will support the cause in any way I can. 💚

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