“Good Job Larry”

Good Job Larry


It’s a phrase said by the Bay Area's own Larry June and it's a phrase he says often.  An affirmation that you should congratulate yourself for the hard work you have put in even when others might not recognize it yet.  If you don't say it, who else will.  And if you keep saying it, as success comes, the people will follow.  As I looked out over the sold-out crowd at White Oak music hall I heard Larry’s voice project into the night air.  I heard the crowd echo back his affirmation and that stuck with me.  


Good Job Larry.


I thought about the affirmation when applied to my life but not just for myself, but for the Gas God’s Team, the city of Houston, and the marijuana movement in the state of Texas.  Larry June is from the same part of the world as me and I have watched him work to get to the level he is today.  It was an honor to bring him to Houston to headline the Texas Smokebreak so that Houston could see him as he continued on his path.  Ask people in the know and they will tell you that Larry June is one to watch. 


You ask people in the know about the cannabis culture here in Texas and they’ll tell you that the movement is going forward.  Texas is a state to watch, and the city of Houston proved that during the Texas Smokebreak.  Gas Gods put together a week where food, music, and cannabis were put on display for the city of Houston and the city showed up.  Whether it was a packed brunch with guests serenaded by Jack Freeman, Donnie Houston spinning for the crowd at 8th Wonder for Taco Tuesday, a cocktail hour with cannabis inspired beverages, or just meeting up to experience the nightlife with Gas Gods the residents of Houston showed there was a demand for the culture.  All of that led up to a concert with some of the city’s legends along with some newcomers trying to break into the game.  What’s going to happen with those opening acts is unforeseen but if they keep building like Larry June success is inevitable. 


Inevitability is what I think of when it comes to the marijuana culture in Texas.  Gas Gods is here to promote a culture that is here and becoming more prevalent day by day.  Legalization is coming.  New York just became the latest, and while it is important that the drug now be treated recreationally, it is more so important that the state is taking steps to address years of targeted law enforcement tactics that took place in our communities because it was deemed illegal.  As I spoke on last month, the steps to legalization can’t just be like flipping a switch.  We need to push and make sure that the harm caused by unfairly enforcing laws of the past is corrected by securing our livelihood and economic future. 


Which brings me back to inevitability.  It’s not a matter of if marijuana is going to be legalized in Texas, it's when.  The real question is, when it happens, are the communities that have been harmed by the drug laws of the past going to receive a chance to finally benefit?  Are the people that have been harmed going to have that harmed erased, and if so, what does that look like?  It’s a decision for us to make as a society and it is my hope that Gas Gods helps to better inform that choice.  It’s going to be an ongoing discussion that we are more than welcome to have and we look forward to having it with you.  We also look forward to continuing to bring you more events.  This isn’t the last smokebreak.  There’s much more to come.


In the meantime,


Good job Gas Gods.  Good job Houston.  




Lava Breath


Smell: Perfume like, Pleasant


Appearance: Purple, Crystalized, Vibrant Green


Taste: Sweet, Fruity, Creamy


Feelings: Warm, Heavy, Relaxed, Soothing


This strain will put you immediately at ease upon first inhale. The soothing effects make this perfect for a post workday stress reliever. Perfect go to after a long day or hard work-out. Would recommend for pain relief and suppressed appetite.


Rodeo Cookies

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Effects:  Strong Body High, Light Head High, Sedating, Happy
Taste:  Skunky, Sour, Citrus, Light Sweetness
Smoking these tasty lime green nugs, provides a peaceful state of relaxation accompanied by a light euphoric head high. An excellent choice for anyone looking to unwind after a long day of riding angry bulls or sitting in Houston traffic.

Hawaiian Breeze

Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Effects:  Head High, Uplifting, Euphoric, Creative, Light Calmness
Taste:  Tropical Citrus, Sweet, Floral, Aromatic
The Taste... Like sitting on a beach, under an umbrella; drinking a fruity drink, with its own tiny umbrella. The High... An experience... The most unusual sensation of being both Calm and Uplifted at the same time. It almost feels tingly, which is only intensified by the pulsating waves of Euphoria. Dazed and Confused.




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