Letter From Ed

I have said often that changes are coming in this industry to areas that people are often not expecting.  Marijuana legalization is coming and it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”. When I say this here in Texas it is often met with pushback or disbelief but at this point, I can only go off experience and my knowledge of the industry.  I’ve been in an area where legalization occurred even though people were saying it couldn’t happen.  I’ve watched it happen state by state and in all of those legalization situations there exists opportunity.  The opportunity for growth and change.  The opportunity for creation.  The opportunity for business.  Those at the forefront that see the vison will be the ones that are able to best capitalize off the opportunity. There is opportunity here in Texas. We have written about the Compassionate Use Program before and after it was enacted here in Texas.  A lot of the same people that did not see that bill being enacted are the same people believing full legalization isn’t coming, but as that program expands, we will keep you up to date with all the changes that are going to occur as we go into the new year. 

The Compassionate Use Program is a bill that allows the prescription of low-THC cannabis to patients diagnosed with certain conditions like epilepsy, seizures, cancer, multiple sclerosis, incurable neurological disorders, autism, ALS and PTSD. Historically programs like this usually expand to statewide legalization.  The past few years have shown that the general public has a relaxed stance to cannabis and that relaxed stance should lead to relaxed enforcement of old and outdated laws. 

It’s not just the public’s attitudes showing growth…Gas Gods is also getting ready to expand.  And while I am not going to speak in detail on what’s about to occur, I will say that there is opportunity here in Texas.  Opportunity that we fully plan on making sure we don’t take for granted. I will make sure to keep you abreast as I am able to reveal what is in the works.  For now, just know that the supporters of the Gas God’s brand is what has made it what it is today.  Your support is also what is going to take us into the future.  This brand would not be where it is without you support and for that I am truly thankful.  

All that said, I hope you enjoyed the holidays and we at Gas God’s look forward to seeing what is going to occur in the new year.  


Logan Murphy (Low-KeyTheGod)

I know me and those who know about Gas Gods here in Houston appreciate Gas Gods for creating this focus on the cannabis culture, In Gas Gods We Trust!!

Sherman king

Is there a gas god’s located in dallas,tx and if so, where?

Anthony coffield

How can I order some gas or the infused drinks

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