Letter from Ed

I’ve spoken about gaining your place in the cannabis industry and that just selling weed isn’t going to be the only avenue. I’ve talked about how the industry was moving forward, here in Texas as well as abroad. I’ve spoken about how fast pace the changes would come in this state regardless of what detractors might say about the legalization of weed here in Texas. In September, despite what many had said about the process of legalization moving forward, the laws changed to allow for usage amongst certain veterans. It’s a story we covered closely and part of the ever-changing landscape in this industry. While others might stop what they’re doing to speculate what could possibly happen we at Gas God’s have always had the mindset to push forward. Not to just wonder about what could happen in this industry but to help create the pathways that we can control. We’re not trying to be the passenger. We want to be the driver. We want the be the builder that creates the road that the car drives on. The signs that direct traffic and make sure things continue to flow. At the end of the day, we want to be a part of building the infrastructure.

In order to build that up we need to start taking more steps, so you are going to see a lot more from us in the near future. Last year we put on Texas Smoke Break, a concert at White Oak Music Hall that brought out Larry June, Slim Thug, Big Jade, Bun B, Le$, Polyester The Saint, Maxo Kream, Devin the Dude and more. We were told the concert would be too difficult to pull off. We worked with White Oak and put on an event with covid safe protocols that proved to be a big hit. We were one of the first groups to provide a safe environment for live music last year as things were opening back up, continuing in the tradition of bringing entertainment Houston can enjoy. The concert was so much of a success that we’re doing it again. On March 19th we will be at White Oak with 2 Chainz, Dom Kennedy, DJ Drama, Monaleo, DJ Chose, OTB Fastlane, OG Ron C, the Chopstars, and more.

But it’s not just about the fun. We also want to help expose you to the wide and ever-changing world of cannabis. As it continues to move more and more into the mainstream it’s time to expand the public’s view as well. It’s time to move beyond the world of stoner culture. The people that engage with marijuana come from all walks of life and their viewpoints should be represented. Just like with this newsletter we want to talk about the way cannabis intertwines with people’s health, fashion, music, fitness, and more. Just like the public view of cannabis and what it can do is expanding, so are we into the world of digital and print media. It is no longer enough to just tell people about the changes in the industry. We need to show people all of the various places this culture touches. The cannabis culture is no longer counter-culture. It is the culture, and it needs to be represented as such.

So, expect to see more and more of Gas God’s in the future. Whether working with musical artists, keeping you informed on the latest cannabis news in print or online, hosting meetups like our weekly Gas Garden sessions, furthering education, bringing out the culture with our Car Meets, connecting to you all through our various brand ambassadors, or putting on one of the best concerts in the city, Gas Gods is going to continue to embrace the Texas cannabis culture.



You have been a driving force very influential opening the minds and gates. The city appreciates all you’ve done and continue to do.


Where can I purchase a ticket for this event? I would love to support and join.

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