Letter from Ed

In the last month the House of Representatives passed a bill that would decriminalize marijuana use at the federal level.  The next step is for the bill to go to the Senate where Democrats are already in the process of introducing their own marijuana legalization bill. This is different that legalization at the state level. Many states have gone through their own steps to legalize cannabis and adjust their laws to make things easier for those that use the drug for medical or recreational purposes. New York has issued licenses to 52 farmers. Off duty police officers in New Jersey can now smoke weed without the fear of being fired. Virginia is attempting to make the pathway to obtaining a medical marijuana license easier. Even with constant progress there are set backs.  Product offerings were blocked from being sold by licensed distributors in Michigan and so far the regulatory body hasn’t given any explanation. Even here in Texas, a state that has still not legalized weed, there has been a back and forth on the legalization of Delta 8, a weed alternative that still comes from the Cannabis sativa plant.


At the end of the day one of the biggest obstacles to the publics usage of cannabis is legalization at the federal level. Things are still moving forward but, as I’ve said before, it’s still an uphill battle. Senate Majority leader Charles Schumer is said to be putting forth a bill geared towards marijuana reform ahead of the bill being sent forth from the House.  There is still significant Republican opposition as well as opposition from members of the Democratic party. Some of this opposition comes from representatives whose states have already legalized marijuana but still don’t want decriminalization at the federal level. Most of the representatives hide behind the idea that legalization shouldn’t occur yet because their particular state doesn’t have enough data on the issue, and it needs to be studied more.  This is a fake argument at best because those same representatives know that in order for more data to truly be gathered on marijuana it needs to be taken off the federal list of dangerous narcotics. That happens through legalization.


The progression needs to happen, and it will, because cannabis is simply a product that affects people from all walks of life but it, and its users, have been unfairly demonized. There are studies that show alcohol being more dangerous that marijuana but society still believes that the existence of marijuana in a public space is a problem.  Its changing…but the change is gradual.  We have no problem seeing advertisements for liquor or beer showing people that use the product participating in all types of activities.  I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be able to enjoy alcohol.  There are plenty of documented reasons why those shouldn’t but as an adult that is completely your decision.  Meanwhile there are health advocates that show the risk of marijuana is far less and, in certain cases, usage is beneficial. I want the general public to take advantage of those benefits, freely, without fear of legal problems.  I want people to experience the benefits of cannabis whether for medical or recreational use. I want people to see the usage of weed with the same harmless gaze they have when they view someone drinking a beer at a bar. Stay with Gas Gods as we help highlight the progression in the industry.

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