Letter from the CEO

''In America the crooks get the castles
Never see a Rothschild or Rockefeller shackled
While Rockefeller Drug Laws keep us in a shackle
Eventually this weed'll be as legal as tobacco
By then every CEO I hope will be a black, though
Message to the felon, keep sellin', my brethren
The end of an era soon coming I tell 'em''

- Killer Mike "American Dream"


There have been a number of things that have happened this year that have forced us to look at how we run things in this country.  The coronavirus epidemic has exposed what many have always said about the structures and institutions which keep our society moving.  There are biases that affect certain groups of people more strongly than others. 

Particularly my people.  African Americans. Black People.

Study after study show we are targeted, ignored, pushed aside or worse in the criminal justice system, the healthcare system, the housing market, the job market, and more.  I’m pointing that out not for sympathy but simply to state facts.  Facts that need to be known so that appropriate plans can be made. I am not here to offer solutions to every problem facing my people because those problems are vast and there are far more qualified people than I that offer their own thoughts and plans.  When it comes to subjects that I know little about I look to those that have studied and see what guidance is offered.  

I have been working in and learning the marijuana industry since 1994.  I didn’t go to school for it but I always recognized the business elements of it.  I learned by watching what was going on around me.  There is a certain dialog about marijuana. The conversation is usually about the effects of drugs in our communities but at that point we’ve already reached the end of the problem.  I know this conversation well from my work in juvenile detention centers, group homes, substance abuse centers, and HOA boards. The overarching conversation permeates so many aspects of our culture but we are only focused on ending effects.  The beginning of the conversation is longer, more complicated, and drawn out.  It’s a conversation about who decides what is legal, who decides what isn’t illegal, who benefits, who gets punished, who builds wealth and who remains in the margins.

Illegal numbers rackets from the late 1800’s were immoral when run by marginalized immigrants but now there are state run lotteries.  Underground casinos suffered from the same fate.  Prohibition made the production and consumption of alcohol illegal nationwide, helping to fuel criminal organizations like the mob, but it eventually became a fully legal, booming business.  In each case minorities experienced the brunt of the punishment when the operations were illegal and were then left behind as the industry became legitimate.  The same thing is happening with marijuana today.

People are often surprised when I am hesitant about legalizing marijuana given that I work in the industry.  Growing up on the west coast in San Francisco I witnessed firsthand what can happen when the industry becomes legal.  The stigma fades and along with it so do we.  We’re pushed out as new so called palatable faces get pushed to the forefront.  Again, this isn’t being said for sympathy but rather a warning.  Legalization is coming here to Texas and we need to be prepared.  I want to help people you get prepared by exposing you to information.  This is the first of many messages from me to you.  I want to make sure you know about the legalities, the science, the food, the drink, the entertainment, the paraphernalia, and everything else this industry has to offer.

I want to help you be a part of the elevation of the marijuana industry and make sure that we all don’t get left behind.  I want you to know the science and the art of the industry.  I call it Gasology.

Welcome to Gas Gods. 



Thank you for the powerful and informative introduction. Im excited to be informed and looking forward to more posts in the newsletter.

Stay Fly,

Bobby$ World

Excellent at its finest and was also glad to meet the man himself. Down for the cause so just let me know. One luv

Sammy James

This was an outstanding introduction to the culture for the novice or uninformed, I welcome your insight and look forward to upcoming issues of the newsletter. Thank you for being a voice for the culture and the community.

Sammy J.

Ariana Menjivar

How can I get some steak and shrimp? Lol

Best Regards,
Ariana M


1. How can I help?
2. Ever here of a responsible smoker? Lol
3. How can I get my hands on some steak n shrimp?? 🌱💨

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