By Rupert 

Mendo Breath


Tastes musky and gassy, with herbal undertones and hints of pine. The high is incredibly heavy and euphoric. My whole body seems to relax; it’s as if I could just melt away into my chair. The pain and discomfort in my shoulder subsides. Finally, relief.


MAC Slurpee

Sativa Hybrid

Smells of Grapes n’ Cream, and tastes like a Blueberry Cheesecake. Sweet berry notes and cheesy undertones, glide across my palate and blend together; creating a funky medley of goodness. Uplifting waves of euphoria begin to flow through me after that first puff. As I continue smoking, I feel alert and focused. Errands become adventures, and mundane chores almost become fun. Almost.


Rogers Wheeler

Need gas how do i shop??

Robert smith

I’m in dallas how I get involved wit yall

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