Texas Smoke Break

About Texas Smoke Break


Texas Smoke Break is a week dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of cannabis culture in society today.  The week, taking place over spring break, will highlight the art, entertainment, food, and music that contribute to the culture while raising awareness about the legal changes and societal affects that should be addressed to continue to push the culture forward.


Our Mission


Our Mission is to celebrate cannabis culture and support the community by debunking the myths and stigmas around marijuana which have created an unwarranted barrier across racial, social, and economic lines.


Lifted Brunch

Enjoy an elevated experience where live music and brunch combine in a celebration of the cannabis lifestyle.  This intimate meal will have the decadent offerings and fine dinning that guests are already accustomed to but will also focus on the culture and how it is incorporated into the higher levels of the culinary world.




Taco Tuesday


Join us for Taco Tuesday, a cultural celebration of Latin cuisine that may be new to the nation but has always been a staple in Houston and the surrounding communities.  The only thing new here is that it’s on a Tuesday because in Texas tacos can be any day of the week.   Enjoy tacos and beer while we connect with each other and promote positivity with the community.


Laughing Gas

Our showcase of comedians, including Ali Siddiq, Billy Sorrells, and Bryson Brown bring their humorous insights to the week and headline the Laughing Gas Showcase. Sit back and let our comedians


Cannabis & Cocktails

We continue to show the elevation of cannabis in the culinary world with our cocktail hour.  Here we will show the pairings of cannabis flavor profiles with signature cocktails meant to highlight the luxuriousness that can be created by those invested in the culture.  Our bartenders and chefs will guide guests through combinations sure to excite their palates.


Texas Smoke Fest

The week culminates with a grand finale concert featuring some of our brand ambassadors like Slim Thug, Le$, and more.  Join us a White Oak Music Hall as we celebrate cannabis culture with food and music as we cap off the week with a concert meant to celebrate all things marijuana.  The event will be held on the lawn of White Oak giving attendees the opportunity to socially distance and enjoys the cannabis friendly atmosphere.  


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